Getting Started

Getting set up to use Student Support Time is an easy process. We can accept data from any student information system. Here you'll find resources that can be provided to your IT staff and admin team to make the process of data import, and general setup of Student Support Time run as smoothly as possible.

Data Import

Data Specification - pdf document outlining data that needs to be exported from your SIS for importing into Student Support Time

Data Import Samples - zip with sample data files

Infinite Campus Data Samples - zip with sample data files in One Roster data format

Infinite Campus API Sync - sync data automatically via API

Skyward Data Samples - zip with sample data files specific to Skyward

Synergy Data Samples - zip with sample data files specific to Synergy using OneRoster specification

Privacy & Data Policy

We do not provide access to your data by any third party applications, nor is it shared or sold to anyone else. Student data is not mined or used by any other applications, nor is it mined for any marketing purposes. Your data is your data. It will not be released without authorization. Your data is only accessible to users assigned to your private account and by the Student Support Time administrative team. It is also important for you to understand that your student data is accessible to anyone whom you give access to for your account. This includes teachers, para professionals and administrators.