Resource Center Scheduler & Academic Tutors

What it is:

Teachers can request times for students to utilize the academic resource center for test taking or academic assistance. The system is configured with the maximum number of students that can utilize the ARC during given time blocks. Test taking is tracked, and teachers are notified of progress.

Academic mentors, or tutors, can post their availability and students can sign up for tutoring/mentoring. Teachers can also request mentors and assistants for their classroom

How it works:

Teacher selects day and time for student to use the ARC, if space is available.

If test taking is requested, teacher is reminded to drop off test materials, progress of test taking is tracked, and reminders are sent to retrieve test taking.

Additional factors such as use of text book, notes, calculator, as well as 504 or IEP are included in the request.

When student finishes test taking teacher is notified via email and on their dashboard that they need to retrieve test.

Details of request are available to staff members administering the ARC.

Printable sign-in sheets and daily agenda are also available for managing students.