About Student Support Time

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Student Support Time was created by working closely with administrators at Wayzata High School. The goal was to create an easy to use and effective tool to manage their myTime program: a designated weekly academic support block designed to meet the academic needs of students during the school day. It allows students to select enrichment programs and schedule appointments with their teachers.

The Student Support Time solution results in an effective and enriching experience for both teachers and students. It is cost effective and available to schools of all sizes.


Our goal is to make Student Support Time affordable for schools of all sizes. Subscription fees may be discounted for partial school years, as well as add on modules. Discounted pricing is also available for school districts with multiple schools subscribing to Student Support Time.

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Integration and Setup

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Student Data Privacy

We prioritize student data privacy and security, and work closely with our partner schools to ensure the safety of their students' information. To avoid confusion, we want to clarify that all student data transmitted to us by clients remains the property of the school and under their control.

We do not share user data with anyone outside of our employees and partners who directly support our software for educational and administrative purposes only.

We do not use user data for advertising purposes and will not release it to third parties without the client's authorization.

We employ industry-standard security protocols to protect our systems, and all user data is fully encrypted both in transit and at rest.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is an academic intervention program?
Academic intervention programs allow students to connect with teachers, provide work time, and boost academic performance. Schools typically set aside a 30-40 minute time block once a week for the program. Teachers identify challenging topics and invite students for an individual or smallgroup session. These programs are frequently called WIN (What I Need) or Flex Time
What happens during student support time?
Students will receive academic support, participate in relearning, make up labs or quizzes, study quietly, or collaborate with classmates on group projects.
Do you integrate with our system?
Student Support Time integrates with many school systems, including Infinite Campus, Skyward, Synergy, PowerSchool and more.

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