Teacher Availability

What it is:

Teacher Availability is a flexible system that allows for various implementations for both online learning and hybrid systems. It allows for scheduling small group lesson, more direct larger group lesson, seminars, discussions, group activities, study sessions or other supports throughout the week.

Teachers set up their availability and/or activities offered, and students can sign up for the offerings. This provides more autonomy to students in how they access and engage which gives more agency and overall engagement.

Teachers can also request students to attend their WIN time, the system tracks attendance and provides easy communication to students.

How it works:

Teachers can set up their availabilty by day, by week, or as a default schedule. They can limit the number of students that can sign up for a session, as well as provide other details, such as location, online location, and other details

Default Schedule

The teacher can also set their default schedule, and apply it for the school year. This saves the teachers time, and makes sharing their schedule easier.

Student View

Students can view and signup for activities and offerings provided by their teachers. They can see all offerings by day, or their teacher's offerings by week. If I student was requested by a teacher the request will show on their dashboard, as well as any sign ups.